It’s a beautiful thing when friendship and passion for success come together and create something truly unique. Willow Marie & Co. is the product of four women, all in different stages of their lives but striving towards the same end goal, joining forces and building a brand unlike any other. Each for different reasons, Ashlee, Brynn, Kelly, and Michelle, were searching for something new. Something to heal them. Something to spark their lost creativity. Something to bring them back to the person they were before.

Willow Marie & Co. is a combination of all things important to the girls. The boutique is not only a place to shop for women and children clothing/accessories and home goods, but a place where all women can come to feel comfortable, important, and pretty. Somewhere along the way of this thing we call life, we tend to lose ourselves. Willow Marie & Co. is here to get you back in your groove.

Nestled in a convenient location right off of RT 1. in Lewes, Willow Marie & Co. has made their home at the historic Sandy Brae Stables. In addition to the fabulous retail boutique located in the original farmhouse, the Willow Girls have lovingly restored the historic stables and have made them a venue for intimate weddings, gatherings, meetings, workshops, bridal showers, and the like.
Continue to follow Willow Marie & Co. as their journey unfolds. The Willow Girls are looking forward to all of the new friendships and relationships they are going to form with each of you along the way.

Read more about the Willow girls at www.willowmarieandco.com.